Best Affiliate Programs [Updated 2021]

According to Hosting Tribunal, Affiliate Marketing is worth more than $12 billion and is growing rapidly. There are plenty of affiliate programs   today. Therefore, this is the best time to join Affiliate Marketing.

Thus, we bring you some of the best affiliate programs out there.

How to choose an affiliate program?

You should find answers to lot of questions before you choose the right affiliate program. We have mentioned key pointers to keep in mind.

1. Reliability

It’s important to check for reliability and reputation so that you get commission on time.

How to check for reliability?

Visit website of the Affiliate Program. Find answer to the following questions:

  • Is it a large or a small company?
  • If it’s a small company, when was it founded?
  • Who are the founders and what is their profile?

You may not be able to find all the information but the more information you have the better. Also speak with existing affiliate marketers to get a better idea.

2. Commission Payout

Every Affiliate Program has different commission structure. To ensure profitability, ask following questions:

  • What are the installment options?
  • What is the minimum payout?
  • When does the commission amount get credited into your account?

3. Country of Servicability

This is important because there are many large affiliate programs have restrictions based on the country / region.

4. Profitability

You need to ask following questions before choosing right program.

  • What is the commission percentage?
  • How many products per day I will need to sell?
  • How much competition will I face in this niche?

5. Participation Requirement /  Eligibility Criteria

You must read the policy carefully and check if the participation requirement align with your business plan.

For example, some affiliate programs don’t give membership without a website, while some do not require you to have blog / website.

6. Mobile-Specific Policy

Many Affiliate Programs have Mobile specific policies which can be quite different from other ways of affiliate promotion. For example Amazon does not allow mobile applications to host Amazon web pages in WebView.

7. Commission Rules

You should be able to answer following questions:

  • Is it a sitewide commission? Sitewide commission as the name suggests will pay you if you bring a customer to their website and any of their products is actioned upon
  • Is it a one-time commission or recurring commission? One-time commission structure will pay you only once (for example once when customer purchases product), while recurring commission structure will pay you every time customer pay his bills (this is usually in subscription-based programs where customer has to renew / pay bills very month or every year)

As already mentioned before joining any program , go through their policies and website carefully. Get information on above mentioned aspects as well as cookies, tracking, refunds, exceptions.

Important terminologies for this article:

  • Affiliate / Affiliate marketer / Publisher: Anyone who promotes a product in exchange for commission. (You will be an affiliate)
  • Merchant / Advertiser: One who want to promote their products

What are the types of Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate Programs can be broadly classified into two types:

Affiliate Networks / Affiliate Marketplace:

Affiliate Networks are online marketplace where merchants (advertisers) and publishers (you) come together. This helps publishers get access to many merchants at one single place. Examples: Clickbank, ShareASale, Admitad

Direct Affiliate Programs:

Many times merchants decide to introduce their own affiliate programs. These are direct affiliate programs. Example: Amazon, GOdaddy

Best Affiliate Programs

Amazon Affiliate:

Amazon’s Affiliate Program gives decent commission rates in the industry. You can get a commission of 0.2%-10% depending upon the item purchased and your country.

Even though there are many higher commission affiliate programs out there. But if you want to start your journey in Affiliate Marketing, I suggest you go with Amazon. Here are its pros and cons


  • High volume and trust from customers
  • Fast signing up process
  • Easy to manage with its dedicated site for Amazon Associates
  • Simple integration method of your website / social network with Amazon website


  • Low commission rate

Another interesting feature of Amazon Affiliate Program is that you can get commission for products even if you did not promote it.

This happens when customer clicks on your link but ends up purchasing something else. Basically you get commission because you helped in increasing Amazon customers.


Bluehost is a hosting provider (just like GoDaddy). This is one of the most loved hosting affiliate programs out there. With its high commission and high conversion, many bloggers have earned decent money with this program.

Below is the payout structure for Bluehost:

The payment plan starts with $65 that you get on your first sale. You can earn upto $150  per sale if you are able to generate more than 50 signups

  • $65 per signup for 1-5 referrals
  • $75 per signup for 6-10 referrals
  • $100 per signup for 10-15 referrals
  • $120 per signup for 20+ referrals
  • $150 per signup for 50+ referrals

There are other hosting affiliate programs such as Flywheel and Kinsta that pay upto $500. But there conversion is not at par with Bluehost. Therefore we recommend Bluehost Affiliate Program.


  • High payout


  • Very competitive market


TripAdvisor has a high pay commission of starting 50%. Best part about the program is that you do not need to get booking done for you to get commission.

It pays you for the traffic you bring to its hotel partners. Therefore commission structure is solely based on number of clicks that you send to TripAdvisor.


  • Generous 14 days referral window
  • You don’t have to worry about sales


  • Maintaining a travel website may be somewhat difficult for beginners


Admitad has reputed partners partners such as Lenovo, Agoda etc.

As you can see that these partners (advertisers) belong to various niches. You can choose niche of your choice to work with them.

It is German company and has developed various tools for affiliates for smooth and fast operations

Just to give you an idea we have mentioned some of the tools that you will get on joining their programs

  • Extension for creating affiliate links
  • Telegram bot for fast link creation
  • It has a tool “Lost Orders” in case of in case you feel particular order is missing for wrong reason
  • API for automation of link creations

This shows the level of trust and transparency that this program will give you.


  • Trustworthy Network


  • Not very large network


ShareASale is one of the most popular Affiliate Programs. It is an international brand and minimum threshold is $50. They have reduced it from $100 earlier. They have a unique page builder that allows you to integrate products of different merchants into one single view. This reduces time to build your pages greatly.


  • Trust due to its international presence and a network of more than 15000 merchants


  • Signup process is time consuming


Hostgator is one of the most popular and most widely used hosting service provider. Minimum payout is $100. Hostgator affiliate program is made to acquire new customers. Therefore you will get commission for new signups only. Repeat customers are not eligible.

Hostgator has a robust support system. As an affiliate, you can get your queries resolved easily with help of consultants.

We want to mention that there have been issues between Hostgator and some of the affiliates, but we have not faced any issues with them in terms of payout.

This is how the payout plan of Hostgator looks like

  • $65 per signup for 1-5 referrals
  • $75 per signup for 6-10 referrals
  • $100 per signup for 11-20 referrals
  • $125 per signup for 21+ referrals


  • Acquiring customer is not difficult because of cheap plans and popularity
  • Decent affiliate support


  • Lower commission compared to some of the competition
  • Very high competition

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