Blogging Vs Youtube: Find the best way to get rich [2021]

Starting your Digital Journey but confused between blogging and YouTube? Read on further to clear your confusion.

Blogging Vs Youtube [Comparison in 2021]

Key Differences

Area of interestLess technical interest is not a problem as long as you can present wellComparatively More technical bent of mind is required
Profitability limitHighMedium – High
Ease of getting initial visitorsHighLow
Growth PotentialHighMedium
Time to SucceedMedium – HighMedium*
Ease of making Viral ContentMediumLow
Monetization OptionsLowHigh
Initial investmentLowLow – Medium
ControlLowMedium – High
Ease of outsourcingLowMedium – High
Cost of Running AdsLow – MediumMedium – High
Case Study

All this is for individuals trying to make big. This can vary for organizations with huge capital for marketing efforts.

Area of interest

This is important factor because you have to decide what is that you want to do many hours a day.

If you want to start blogging, be ready to spend time doing SEO, backlink monitoring, resolving issues, gaining knowledge etc. apart from focusing on your content.

If you are interested in YouTube, majority of your time will be spent on thinking about idea for your next video, shooting video, editing, gauging viewers reactions etc.

Profitability Limit: If you start blogging effectively, amount of money you can earn is very high. There are multiple sources for a successful blogger to earn good amount of money. Successful bloggers such as Brian Greene?, Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel, also display their income regularly.

*Info on rich bloggers*

It’s not to say that successful YouTubers are not earning well. However, I believe earning potential for majority of YouTubers is not very high when compared to majority bloggers. It all boils down to

Profitability Limit

A snippet of highest paid YouTubers and Bloggers:


YouTuberYearly IncomeBlogger*Yearly Income
Vlad and Nikita$ 37 MillionTim Sykes12
Dude Perfect$ 20 MillionMelyssa Griffin2.5
Like Nastya Vlog$ 18 MillionSarah Titus2.4
TheOdd1sOut$ 17.5 MillionChiara Ferragni2.4
Lele Pons$ 5 MillionPat Flynn2.4
Liza Koshy$ 4 MillionJohn Lee Dumas2.2
Kids Diana Show$ 2.8 MillionHeather and Pete Reese2
Collins Key$ 2.5 MillionJeff Rose1.7

*Not included organizations such as huffingtonpost, Moz, Mashable (which can also be classified as blogs but are professionally run corporates. )

As you can see from the chart above, Most Successful Youtubers earn more than ‘most successful bloggers’.

This brings us to our Profitability conclusion # 1:

Earning potential is higher for YouTubers

Also, bloggers are in most probability not going solo and getting at least some work outsourced since managing a large blog takes resources.

YouTubers may or may not be outsourcing much. Take example of ‘Like Nastya Vlog’. This Russian Vlogger’s most famous video is a fun negotiation video with her dad. I am quite sure all the profits are going in their pockets.

This brings us to our Profitability conclusion # 2

Single person or a team of very few people in YouTube can earn huge money:

So now you know, a rich YouTuber might be better than a rich blogger.

Growth Potential:

There are more than 37 million YouTube channels on the internet, growing at a rate of more than 23% per year. As a comparison, there are more than 500 million blogs out there.

As you can see scope for growth is more in YouTube right now. There are many niches still lacking lot of quality content. This is where blogging was maybe 10 – 20 years back.

Pro tip: Music and kids are the fastest growing categories with high potential to earn.

Many successful bloggers have started their own YouTube channel to ride on the YouTube growth. It also improves their overall brand and improves referral traffic.

Ease of getting initial visitors:

We just discussed how low the competition is in YouTube. Therefore, getting traction is easier for a new YouTube channel compared to high competition of blogging world. Just to give you an example, Reddit King YouTube channel uses text to speech conversion from popular social networking site simply reading out directly from reddit text. It has 500,000 subscribers.

Such videos with text to voice conversion still can get easy views. Monetization for such videos have become difficult though.

Time to Succeed:

To become highly successful in blogging or YouTube, you need to regularly generate quality content which your audience loves. There is no fixed timeline to succeed in both the worlds. However one needs to be patient and persistent to succeed in both the platforms.

That being said, I personally believe blogging, when done properly, is better than YouTube in terms of time to succeed. I have seen blogs starting to earn decent amount in 3 to 6 months. But it takes experience, knowledge, hard work to reach at a level where you can start earning quickly through blogging (almost completely bypassing Google Sandbox)

I am not sure if I can say that for YouTube unless you already have a successful brand.

Monetization options:

YouTube gives you fewer sources of monetization. You can earn money from YouTube Ads, selling your own products, affiliate marketing, sponsored content. However, for Youtube ads, you needs to have a popular channel. While success of affiliate marketing, sponsored content etc. will depend on your niche as well.

Also, for affiliate marketing you will have to ask your audience to click on the link in the description. So that you can earn affiliate commission. This reduces the click rate.

In case of blogging, monetization options are: Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling your own products. Conversion rate is higher in blogging. You can also edit the content if you find low conversion. You can’t edit a video to that extent.

Initial Investment:

Have you heard of Logan Paul, who famously became the fastest YouTuber to earn 10 million subscribers? If you take a look at his initial videos and even recent ones, you will find many are shot from hand phone.

You see, that is not much investment. You can pick up your phone, shoot a video and Bam!. It does not mean that you will not need good equipments in the long run because you will want to vary your content and make changes in your techniques as per emerging trend. Over time you will have to buy a good mic, camera, Audio editing and video editing software.

Similarly, you can start blogging on Blogger without any investment. You can buy domain and hosting in as low as $20 per year.

Ease of Making viral content:

Let’s face it. Blogs going viral is not something we hear often. Just look at your Facebook feed. How much is it is text and how much is video content?

That being said. Getting a video to go viral is not as easy. You still need to knack to understand your audience, patience and bit of luck on your side.

A viral video is the easiest and fastest way to succeeding your channel.


YouTube is owned by Google. You have to abide by YouTube community standards to keep using their YouTube Platform. If YouTube decides to ban your content then there are not many options available to you.

YouTube, in 2019 changed its community guidelines, making lot content not eligible for monetization. This affected many existing channels. In short, you are at the mercy of YouTube / Google.

While as a blogger. You have full control over your property (website). And there plenty of options available.

If you get banned by Google Adsense, you can choose a different Ad Network. If Google decides to bring your ranking down, you can leverage other sources of traffic such as social media.

Ease of Outsourcing:

Majority of youtube channels are built on personal branding. You can outsource video shooting, editing etc. but you will have to be a part of the videos you upload.

As a blogger you can outsource almost everything. Right from information gathering, designing, content creating, web development, testing and maintenance (even though I don’t recommend that).

Cost of running ads:

As you can see, Youtube is a growing platform. Youtube understand that and therefore ad cost for running youtube ads is lower compared to google search ads.

I have seen good results with Youtube ads compared to google ads.


Even though majority of factors point to YouTube as a winner, it really depends on your area of interest.

No matter what you choose, you have to be persistent in online world. Majority of digital marketing enthusiasts give up too early. So start your digital journey today itself.

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