Grammarly Alternatives: Which One is Best For You?

Grammarly is one of the most popular proofreading tools out there. But if you are looking for an alternative, then you can take a look at our pick of best Grammarly alternatives. We have used all the tools and we none of the tools was perfect with its won pros and cons. That’s why we decided to create a list of Grammarly alternatives for you.

Top 3 Grammarly Alternatives are Ginger, WhiteSmoke and ProWritingAid.

Ginger is a feature-packed tool that come with ability to translate in 50 different languages. Just like Grammarly, it comes with Add-ons for many applications such a MS Office, Gmail, Facebook.

ProWritingAid comes close second in our list. During our testing we found it quite good at finding Grammar errors. It also comes with a comprehensive reporting tool that is gives reporting metrics for several factors.

WhiteSmoke comes with intuitive and user-friendly interface. While, performance may not be as good as powerful Grammarly, its pricing is quite attractive comparatively.

Best Grammarly Alternatives


Ginger is quite similar to Grammarly when it comes to their pricing plans and the accuracy in their edits. What does differ is the number of features the former option provides. Apart from the usual features of checking your text’s grammar and spellings, Ginger also offers an option for translating your text into 50 different languages and communicating with other people who have different mother tongues. It also provides a feature that reads back the text you have written. This can help you pronounce English words better and lets you work on your accent.

Ginger also provides its users with a Personal trainer which collects data on their writing weaknesses and analyses the data to provide customised lessons to improve their English writing skills. The Personal teacher feature not only includes lessons but also gives a tailored exercise for you to practice.


  • It can translate your text into 50 different languages that allow Nonnative English speakers to write and communicate error-free in languages other than English.
  • Ginger identifies errors that other Grammarly alternatives are often known to overlook.
  • It offers a sentence rephrasing tool that comes in handy while writing log essays or articles.
  • It offers custom lessons to its users for improving their English writing skills which are not offered by Grammarly.


  • When compared to Grammarly, Ginger requires a bit more time to correct writing errors.
  • There are no applications available for Mac users.
  • It does not have a user-friendly interface.
  • Ginger’s premium plans are much costlier than the other Grammarly alternatives.

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Prowritingaid is considered as one of the most accurate alternatives to Grammarly as its grammar and spelling checker is almost as accurate as Grammarly. Much similar to Grammarly, this software checks your text for any overused words and offers alternatives to them, any long sentence that needs to be edited and shortened or broken down into smaller sentences, and common grammatical suggestions such as incorrect tenses, passive voice, and more.

A unique feature that this software provides is its house style tool. The house style of this software allows its users to save a particular writing style and tone of any text and then apply these same tones and styles to the future texts. This is especially beneficial for companies and even bloggers who want their content to be written with a consistent style and tone to them.


  • It gives you a readability analysis of the text.
  • It can easily integrate with Google Docs, Scrivener, Microsoft Word, and many more.
  • It has a free version available for users who do not want to pay.
  • It has a built-in thesaurus.
  • It has extensions for several browsers.
  • It is one of the most accurate Grammarly alternatives in the market and offers similar features like it.


  • It does not have additional features such as a translator or plagiarism checker like other alternatives do.
  • Most of the key features of this software are limited to the premium version of it.
  • It does not have a mobile application for checking.


Whitesmoke offers several similar features as Grammarly but at a much lower price. This software has a translation tool that can translate your text in over fifty languages. The linguistic team of Whitesmoke makes sure that the quality of the text, it’s context, as well as its grammar is accurate while translating. This software also contains over one hundred templates, for example, to write resumes or letters or thank you letters, and provides suggestions accordingly.

Whitesmoke offers an in-built plagiarism checker similar to that of Grammarly. The plagiarism checker checks your text and tells you if there is any sentence in your text which is similar to the or exactly the same as the sentences of other websites. A plagiarism checker helps bloggers, content writers, and even University students prevent any sort of trouble for their content or essays. Much like Grammarly, Whitesmoke is compatible with most common browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Moreover, it also works with tools or software dedicated to writing such as Google Docs, MS Word and MS Office.


  • It offers features similar to Grammarly at a lesser price plan.
  • It includes translating options for over 50 languages.
  • The templates are helpful when writing specific things such as resumes.
  • It includes a free plagiarism tool.
  • Its user interface is quite intuitive and user-friendly.


  • It is a lot slower than Grammarly and other Grammarly alternatives.
  • There is no option to upload docs in Whitesmoke. You either have to use it while writing in any of the dedicated writing apps this software is compatible with or, you have to write or copy and paste your text in the software.


This Grammarly alternative is not a software but a proofreading service provider that has a team of over 400 native English speakers editors who proofread and edit your content. This service is usually used by university students and authors who have to make sure that their essays and other writings are devoid of any viable mistakes. The website has six different categories for its services from which the customers can choose from. The categories are Academic, Author, Student, Business or Corporate, ESL Services, and Personal. Customers can choose the category their piece of writing belongs to and Scribendi will allot an editor who specialises in the selected category.

To avail their services, customers have to go to their website, fill out the required information such as the type of writing, the number of words, the deadline, as well as some additional details and instructions for the editing process. The earliest you can get your edited document back is in 4 hours. However, the sooner you need the edited document back, the more you have to pay.


  • Higher quality of editing than most software.
  • They offer a trustworthy customer support team to resolve your queries.
  • They offer customised exciting service according to the type of document you have.


  • They are not as instant as the editing software.
  • Their prices are a bit high and they do not have a refund policy.


Another prominent Grammarly alternative that provides more or less similar features at an affordable rate. It has two subscription plans, a basic subscription and a premium subscription. The basic subscription is free of cost and does not require users to pay anything. However, the premium subscription of this software is currently costlier than the subscription plan of Grammarly. The software emphasizes on suggesting writers on their word choices, writing and style, and their tone of writing the text. It also offers a plagiarism checker which is perfect for students and teachers who are submitting and checking academic papers respectively. It also offers an approximate letter grade rating which is loosely based on the style, tone, and different elements of writing.

Although PaperRater claims that they can check the texts in less than ten seconds, it takes quite some time to analyze the entirety of the text, especially while checking the text in the plagiarism checker. Moreover, users can only check a specific amount of words in the basic subscription and get access to only a handful of features.


  • It gives you a score based on your writing skills.
  • It offers to check your text for any plagiarism.
  • It accurately detects any sentences written in the passive voice.
  • The software identifies any stylistic issues that your text might have.


  • Most of the key features of this software are locked unless you buy the premium membership.
  • You cannot upload documents in the basic subscription. You have to copy and paste the text.
  • The number of words one can check at a time depends on their subscription level.


Reverso’s primary objective is to translate the text in over 15 languages while keeping the grammar and context accurate. This tool is powered by the Ginger software which is a much more extensive Grammar checker tool. Reverso immediately checks for any kind of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes once you copy and paste your text into it.

One of its drawbacks is that it has a limit of just 600 characters at a time. Thus, if you are a non-native English speaker who has to check short documents for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, this tool is ideal for you. You can conveniently translate your short texts such as emails and social media posts into 15 different languages and make sure that the text is contextually as well as grammatically sound while being translated.


  • The tool is completely free and gives its users access to all its features without prompting to pay for a subscription plan.
  • It gives you an option to build a separate personal dictionary with terms and phrases that you often use.
  • It can translate your text into several languages.


  • The tool only checks and translates 600 characters at a time.
  • It does not offer any plagiarism checker.
  • The website of this tool does contain advertisements unlike Grammarly or most of its alternatives.

Slick Write

Here is another Grammarly alternative that has similar features but for free. Slick Write is a free cloud-based proofreading tool that provides accurate grammar checks for its users. The software can check most of the grammatical elements of the text including passive voice, length of sentence and paragraph, variety of vocabulary, flow and structure of the sentences, readability score and reading time, and much more.

Slick Write is available as a plug-in for browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. It is not available as a web application that you can download to use offline. This software has quite a simple and user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate through. Once you submit the text which needs to be checked, the software automatically underlines suggestions and errors in different colours. When you click on any of the underlined words, you get the correct suggestion as well as an explanation to why it was suggested.

The software has two unique features, statistics and associator. The statistics feature gives you an extensive report on all the stylistic elements of your writing including the readability analysis of the text. The associator feature gives you a list of words associated with a particular chosen word.


  • It has an easy and simple user interface.
  • The grammatical analysis is quite fast compared to other Grammarly alternatives.
  • It is free for everyone and doesn’t require any additional signing up.
  • It offers free plugins for Google Firefox browsers.


  • It does not have an inbuilt plagiarism checker.
  • It cannot check punctuation errors.
  • It does not have a mobile version of an offline desktop version.


This software is a complete package. It provides a grammar checking tool for English text as well as text in several other languages such as French, Japanese, Russian, German, and many more. The software has plugins for different browsers and writing tools such as Microsoft Word. It is also available as a desktop version which you can download and use offline.

To use the features of this tool, you have to copy and paste the text in the voice text box and then select the ‘Check Text’ button. With the free subscription, you can check and detect all the basic spelling and grammatical errors in your text for up to twenty thousand characters at a time. The premium subscription lets you check more characters and offers a much more extensive analysis of your text. The Chrome plugin lets you check spelling and grammar as you type the text. The errors are colour coded to facilitate convenient understanding of the text analysis.


  • It provides an accurate analysis of errors and mistakes and their consequent suggestions.
  • You can check the grammar of languages other than just English.
  • It is available as an online tool, a plug-in, as well as an offline application.
  • It has a simple design and interface which is easy to get a hang of.


  • You get to check only twenty thousand characters with the free plan.
  • It doesn’t have a plagiarism checker.
  • It does not detect passive voice in your text.
  • You get a limited number of error checks in the free subscription.


Quillbot is more of a paraphrasing tool than a grammar checking tool. This software is essentially used to change the structure of the sentence either to improve its readability or prevent any kind of plagiarism. It has five different modes for users to choose from according to their requirements. The modes are Fluency Mode, Standard Mode, Suggestive Mode, Creative Mode, and Concision Mode. Each of these modes takes on a different approach while rephrasing your text. For instance, the fluency mode makes very minor changes in your text and just corrects grammatical errors. While the Concision Mode shortens the sentences and focuses on the readability aspect of the text.

Apart from its modes, it offers various options for editing and analysing the text. With the help of “Preserve Technical Words” Option, you can keep technical words as it is while rewriting quotations. If you need your text to be in UK English, you can opt for the “Use UK English” option. The software has various extensions for several browsers and dedicated writing tools such as Google Chrome and Google Docs, respectively.


  • You can easily rephrase your text with accurate grammar.
  • The software allows you to compare the original text and the edited text side by side to spot out the differences.
  • It offers plugins for added convenience.


  • It works only on short pieces of texts.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is one of the most popular and efficient Grammarly alternatives which analyses your text quickly and emphasizes on improving the text’s readability. The software focuses on pointing out complex sentences in your text and then offering suggestions to make them simpler. Hemingway points out lengthy sentences or sentences with passive voice and then releases them for you. Thus, your text will eventually consist of shorter and simpler sentences that are easy to read and understand. This tool is especially helpful for content writers and bloggers who wish to connect to readers belonging to every level of expertise.

This software is more focused on the readability aspect of your text rather than the grammatical elements of it. For this reason, it is advisable that you use another grammar checker tool to figure out all the minute grammatical mistakes in your text. This tool does not support any kind of spell checker or even punctuation checks. It focuses solely on the simplicity of your text. However, it must be kept in mind that while dealing with more complex topics, this tool is not the ideal to check the readability of the text as the topic itself is complicated.


  • If works without any internet connection.
  • It has a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • It can be used as a complimentary checker to other grammar checkers


  • This software does not consider the context of the content it is checking.
  • It does not have a strong tool to check grammar and punctuation.

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