Grammarly Review

Grammarly Overview

Grammarly is one of the most popular online writing tools. In this Grammarly review, we will help you understand its various features, pricing, working tips so that you can see if it’s good for you or not.

Also, Its free version has many features needed for professional writers and amateurs alike. But is the premium version worth it? We will explore this in-depth

So without further delay let’s dive in.

Why you should use this tool?

Grammarly is proofreading tool that not only fins out errors but gives suggestions to improve your writeup. Why you should use this tool?

  1. Not everyone has access a human proof reader. Almost all software help in reducing human intervention
  2. Grammarly is AI driven and is getting better with time. In short Grammarly is getting better at giving you suggestions (premium version) while taking care of your grammar, punctuations and spellings (free version)
  3. It integrates with many applications, forums, social media etc. seemlessly
  4. It saves you a ton of time.

Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

Good news is Grammarly free version is better than many other online proofreading tools available. Its free option is packed with pretty decent features that is handy for professional writers.

Free Version has following features

  • Grammar: Gives detailed grammar error report
  • Spelling & Punctuation Check
  • Enhancement: Suggestions for better writing
  • Style Check: Detects changes in style of writing
  • Sentence Structure: Detects sentence structure
  • Plagiarism Check: Checks for plagiarism       

Grammarly premium version unlocks many advanced features which are either tone down or are completely missing in free version. Here are its features.

  • Sentence Rewrite: Gives detailed sentence rewrite for better readability
  • Tone adjustment: Gives suggestions to make your language more confident
  • Word Choice / vocabulary: Gives unique word suggestions for some commonly used words
  • Politeness Check: Checks for any deviation from ‘politeness’ in the tone of writing
  • Inclusive language: Checks whether the language is more inclusive and gives suggestions.
  • Formality level: This feature helps maintain professional tone for your writeups
  • Fluency: This is another enhanced suggestion that will give word suggestions for better readability
  • Consistency in spelling and punctuation
  • Plus all free features

The detection is real time. It gives you suggestions as you write on its AI-based editor.

Now you might be thinking how will Grammarly know about the type of tone, style, emotion you will prefer. And does all this also not depend on the your target audience?

Good news is Grammarly lets you adjust your preferred intent, style, emotions etc before you start writing. You can preadjust following very useful features.

Apart from all this feature, Grammarly Premium comes with addons for MS Office. You can integrate it with MS Word and Outlook and you will get all the premium features of Grammarly Editor along with ease of MF Office applications.

Grammarly Pricing Plans:

If you feel you should go with this feature-packed premium version then you must look at the pricing plans.

Grammarly offers three plans: Free Plan, Premium Plan and Business Plan.

Difference between Premium and Business Plan is that Premium Plan can have only one user per account. If you have 3 or more than 3 users then you should go with Business Plan. Business Plan will give you additional features such as admin dashboard, centralized billing kiosk, usage stats of team members etc.

Individual plan comes in monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions. While business plans are based on number of members on monthly or annual basis.

Grammarly Premium Plan Pricing:

Grammarly premium plans come in monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions.

  • Cost of Grammarly Premium monthly plan is $29.95
  • Cost of Grammarly Premium quarterly plan is $59.95. This is $14.8 per month
  • Cost of Grammarly Premium annual plan is $139.95. This comes out to be $11.7 per month

As you can see annual plan is the cheapest plan for Grammarly premium. This seems reasonable for feature-packed premium version.

Grammarly Business Plan Pricing:

If there are going to be more than 2 users then it makes sense to go with Grammarly Business Plan. It comes in annual and monthly subscriptions. There if big difference between annual and monthly plans. However, pricing per member is pretty range-bound.

Cost of Grammarly Business annual plan is:

  • $12.5 per month per member for up to 9 members,
  • $12.08 per month per member for 10 to 49 members
  • $11.67 per month per member for more than 50 members

Cost of Grammarly Business monthly plan is:

  • $25 per month per member for any number of members

You can make payment with credit card or Paypal. Purchase process involves creating your account, selecting your plan and payment. This process is pretty straightforward and quick. Account creation does not even require email verification.

Grammarly Student Discount 2021

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Various ways to use Grammarly

Grammarly has done a great job is making itself accessible across various platforms. Here are different way to use Grammarly.

1. Grammarly website

Working on Grammarly website is one most popular ways to use Grammarly. All you have to do is go to the website.

Login or signup as discussed above.

Click on either New tab or Upload button to get started.

2. As an addon for MS Office

Grammarly gets seemlessly integrated with MS Word and MW Outlook so that you don’t have to switch to app or Grammarly editor to proof-read your articles.

This is a great feature that gives you expertise of Grammarly along with familiarity and comfort of MS Office .

And it is easy to install and setup.

  1. Click on Grammarly’s MS Office Addin page and install the addon
  2. After you are done with your installation, click on finish
  3. Now all you have to do is open MS Word or MS Outlook and look for Grammarly icon on top right corner. One click on this icon will open Grammarly sidebar that will show you all the alerts and suggestions.

Grammarly menu also gives you access to more features. You also get premium features such as genre selection, vocabulary suggestions and plagiarism checker.

This app was previously available only for Windows users but not now Grammarly has introduced app for Mac as well.

3. As a desktop application

If you don’t want to use MS word then you can work directly on Grammarly app also.

You can install the app from Grammarly’s download page.

Once you install it, simply open the app and sign-in. You will directly land on ‘My Grammarly’ page. The interface is exactly similar to Grammarly website.

4. As an extension

If you use chrome then you should definitely try its chrome extension. Best part about this extension is that that it integrates with apps and websites such as Gmail Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Reddit, Google Docs  and so on.

You can install the extension by visiting Chrome Web Store.

Click on Add to Chrome. This will install the extension in chrome.

5. As an app on mobile phone

If you are on Android, then you can install the app by going to Google play store.

Features of Grammarly editor

You start working on your project by clicking on new button or you can press upload button if you already have your article saved in other editors such as MS Word.


On top left corner, you will see Grammarly icon (Home button) and menu button.

Grammarly Editor Menu

Options in Grammarly Editor Menu are:

  • My Grammarly: It will return you to ‘My Grammarly’ home page.
  • New Document: Click here to start a new project. Your existing work will be save automatically and a new editor window will open.
  • Upload File: You can upload your existing work in .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt formats.
  • Download: This lets you download your work in .docx format.
  • Print: Click here to print your document

Below this, there are editing options such as undo, redo, cut, copy, paste and select all.

/image of editor settings

Lastly, there is Editor settings. This option makes give few additional features for ease of working on Grammarly editor. These options are:

  • Auto jump to the next suggestion: Enable this feature for faster editing. This feature automatically redirects you to next Grammarly suggestion after you action on one suggestion.
  • Don’t check text inside quotes: Any text in quotes will not be read by the Grammarly editor.
  • Increase text font size: This option will increase size of fonts in the editor only from 17 px to 22 px. There is only one font size option available.

The bottom toolbar consists some key formatting options. This includes the following:

  • Word emphasis – Bold , italics and underline
  • Header tags – H1 and H2
  • Hyperlink
  • List – Bullet list and numbered list
  • Document stats – word count, reading time, speaking time, readability score etc.

Grammarly Assistant

Now that we have checked out the Grammarly Editor Menu, it’s time for the all important Grammarly Assistant. To test it, you should paste some of the content onto the editor. As soon as you paste the content, you will get suggestions along with overall score.

You can click on the suggestions to get details, Grammarly does a good job of explaining as clearly as possible the error, the suggestion and reason for the error. You can implement the suggestion in single click.

On the top right, you will see overall score of your document. You can click on it to see  detailed metrics. These metrics are as follows:

  • Word count metrics: It includes character count, reading time, speaking time, number of sentences and character count. This will give you quick stats that might be useful in short blog post or an email etc.
  • Readability: This is an important metrics because it gives an indication about the quality of your writing. This is based on a popular metrics called Flesch reading-ease test. This takes into account average length of sentences and average length of words. Readability Score should be as high as possible. For starters, it should be more than 60. A score of 60 means that your document can be understood by an average 13  year old.
  • Vocabulary: This is the last section in the performance report. It has two elements. Unique words and rare words. Unique words is a measure of variety of different types of words used as compared to other Grammarly users. If you want to increase this score, try to use more synonyms rather than repeating same words. Rare words indicates depth of vocabulary (that are not among top 5000 commonly used words). If you want to increase this score, try to use more specific words related to the topic of your article.

Grammarly Goals

For any article, it’s important to understand your audience and depending upon the situation you have to decide on the style of writing. You get an option to select all this in the ‘Goals’ section.

As soon as you start writing, you get a popup to set your goals. Let’s dive into each option one by one.


This option lets you choose your audience as per their knowledge

General: Use this option if you are targeting general topic and it is intended for general audience. Grammarly will give suggestions to make your writing simple and easy to comprehend.

Expert: While set audience as expert if you want to write in a niche that is quite technical and is intended for very specific specialized audience. Grammarly will give suggestions to make you writing to be more accurate and to-the-point.

Knowledgeable: If you are not sure about which one to choose then knowledgeable is a safe bet.


Formal: Formality of your language is very important. Mostly, on the internet you write in informal language, while your work or university assignments usually demand formal language. Switching between them is not always natural. Grammarly has made this easy by giving three options. Informal, Neutral and Formal.

Informal: You will get suggestions on using informal language. Also, Grammarly will be more forgiving when it comes to using slangs.

Formal: If you are doing any university assignment or writing work email or academic paper, this feature ensures strict proofreading that will flag any slang or informal language.

Neutral: This feature allows casual expression while flagging most of the slangs. Examples of casual expression are ‘see you later’, ‘sleep on it’, ‘never mind’.


Once you have decided formality and audience, ‘domain’ option will give you further choice to get more specific suggestions based on your document type. There are six domains that you can choose from. Academic, Business, General, Technical, Casual and Creative. Let’s look into each of them.

Academic: This option will put in place strict rules for formal writing allowing specific and more complex writing.

Business: This is similar to Academic domain except that it allows a few informal expressions. This is because your document cannot sound as technical as an academic paper, but it should maintain certain level of formality as well.

General: This option applies all rules but it will allow certain informal language. It is less strict compared to Business domain. You can use this if you are not sure about which domain to use.

Email: This option will help avoid any ambiguity or any sentence that is unclear.

Casual: You can choose this if you want Grammarly to be more forgiving in your writing.

Creative: This is also not very strict just like Casual domain, however, it will not allow any mistakes in grammar punctuation etc.

Tone: Grammarly has done a good job of including lot so tones. You can choose from neutral, confident, joyful, optimistic, friendly, urgent, analytical, respectful.

Domain: This feature helps you get suggestions for writing in various domains. Academic domain can be very useful for writing assignments of different types. Business domain is another useful feature which can come in handy while writing formal writeups. There are few other domain also like Email, casual, creative and general.

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