Grammarly VS Ginger: Which One is Right For You?

Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used tools online, while Ginger is one of the alternatives of Grammarly that has grown in popularity in recent times. We give you a break-up of each feature and their pros and cons so that you can decide which tool is best for you.



In 2009, Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko introduced an online spelling and grammar checking platform known as the Grammarly. The platform has been upgraded several times ever since it was launched, and now, it is considered one of the best grammar checking applications.

To understand this application in-depth, here are some of the notable features you should be aware of.

  1. Personalized dictionary: Grammarly comes with a customized dictionary feature that helps store the words that are not present earlier. I often use such kind of info in my text, and whenever a suggestion appears, I add the comments to the dictionary.  
  2. Synonym suggestions: if you one particular word is used too often, Grammarly will suggest you some other synonymous words to make the text look better. It helps me a lot in bettering my readers and increasing my vocabulary.
  3. Passive voice mark: good content always have more number of active voiced sentences. If something is written in passive, a signature will be shown suggesting you change the writing. Hence, my content always has less passive sentences and quickly pass the Yoast SEO check.
  4. Punctuation correction: Sometimes, we forget the basic punctuation rules which can be corrected easily with Grammarly as you will get the proper suggestions. That’s why I can submit my documents with no silly punctuation errors.
  5. Wordiness: Sometimes, sentences are arranged in a long way, with too many parts of speeches punched together. Grammarly editor will mark it and advise you to change the wordings to increase the simplicity if such a text is present. I always use the suggestions to improve the readability of my text.
  6. Sentence correction: sometimes, sentences can be written haphazardly, which lessens the impact and creates an abrupt meaning. Grammarly editor will provide suggestions by arranging the words correctly. I always read the directions, and once I find them relevant enough with the rest of my texts, I use them.
  7. Multiple tones: you can change the checker’s settings by customizing your style, purpose, and other options. This feature has helped me check different texts properly with no tone mismatch.
  8. Verb correction: if you have wrongly placed some verbs or missed one, Grammarly editor will provide you with the correct suggestion. This way, the content wouldn’t have poor basic grammar.


  • Grammarly provides several suggestions for grammar improvement and correction.
  • It provides options for increasing text readability.
  • It marks the passive voiced sentences and the hard ones for transformation.
  • One can learn from the grammar and parts of speech corrections done by Grammarly editor.
  • It can be coordinated with other platforms too.
  • It’s available in both free, premium, and business versions to help you out with checking.
  • Even in free mode, sentence improvements and basic grammar checking will be made.
  • Grammarly will provide you with synonym suggestions to beautify the texts.
  • It will correct the verbs in use to enhance a proper flow.
  • New words can be added to a personalized dictionary.


  • The plagiarism checker of Grammarly is not available any more for better text editing.
  • It doesn’t check the APA or MLA forms of writing.
  • One can’t avail all the unique features of the application in the free version.
  • Mac doesn’t support all the Grammarly features.
  • The monthly subscription is quite costly, and hence you need to choose the yearly subscription.



Ginger is another racer in the market which has been in use way before Grammarly was introduced. It also offers some excellent features like spelling check, verb correction, sentence improvement, etc.

To understand how Ginger works, you need to go through the features of the platform.

  1. US/UK English: On Ginger, you will be able to quickly switch between British and American English. This way, I am always able to check both styles of writing without mixing up the spellings.
  2. Punctuation correction: Punctuations are very important to maintain the flow in the sentences and increase the readability. However, if you miss one or put a wrong one, the entire sentence will be a mess, which I often do. That’s where Ginger’s punctuation suggestions help me a lot in avoiding poorly written content with no breaks.
  3. Synonym suggestions: Sometimes, writing the repetitive words demean the sentences’ beauty and introduce monotone in the text. So, Ginger tries hard to make the readers better by providing you with suggestions of synonyms for a particular word used several times in the entire text. It’s one of the best features that I check first whenever I’m editing with Ginger.
  4. Personalized dictionary: Ginger’s personal dictionary feature helps me avoid word corrections every time a new word is added. This feature will help you to avoid unnecessary modifications all together when you know the term used is correct. 
  5. Sentence correction: Despite using correct parts of speeches, most of us fail to create a proper sentence with readability. Ginger fits the frame as it will improve the statements by making them in the correct order. Whenever I face the same situation, Ginger either substitutes a group of words by one word or changes the order of the words.
  6. Can check more significant text: there is no limitation on the total number of word count on the Ginger’s editing platform. You can check a text of five hundred words or content of three thousand words quickly.


  • With Ginger, most features are available in the free version, and hence you wouldn’t have to bear a considerable cost to make your test perfect,
  • The spell checker associated with Ginger is quite efficient and will help you correct all the misspelt words throughout the text you have pasted.
  • There is no word limit for checking something here on Ginger.
  • Sentence evaluating feature is present on Ginger, which will help you further enhance the readability of the content.
  • Synonym suggestions are available so that the text doesn’t sound monotonous after the repeated use of a similar word.
  • Personalized dictionary is also available with Ginger.


  • The number of features available on Ginger isn’t too exhilarating that will teach you proper grammar outside the books.
  • No plagiarism tool is offered at the Ginger platform.
  • It’s not at all user-friendly and hence might irritate you at some points,
  • In-depth grammar analysis is not offered on the texts, no matter how you are using Ginger.

Differences between Grammarly and Ginger

  • Grammarly offers a detailed grammar check, a feature that is not available on Ginger.
  • On Grammarly, you will get proper suggestions on sentence remodelling. However, Ginger will provide only with the basics.
  • There will be no market for passive statements on Ginger which is most certainly a wrong impression.
  • Ginger offers most things in the trial version. It would be of great help if Grammarly too reduced the cost to a reasonable amount.
  • Both Grammarly and Ginger comes with personalized dictionary. However, it is the former where you will see a language setting option for changing tone, writing style, type of content, and others.


Grammarly is the best tool available online currently and is packed with numerous features along with a powerful AI-based editor. Frankly, not many proofreading tools can compete with Grammarly today. Ginger, on the other hand, is a good tool if you want basic suggestions and translation as it comes with translation feature in 50 different languages. Number of features are less and it does not come with in-built Plagiarism checker.

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