Serpstat Vs SEMrush [Comparison] [2021]: Honest Reviews

SEO is one of the important aspects of a website that determines the individuality of a website. Having SEO on point is one of the biggest advantages that one can enjoy. And various tools make it easier for entrepreneurs to optimize their website appropriately and promote their business services. In this article, we bring you a detailed analysis of Serpstat vs Semrush. Let us see various aspects of the tools and how they claim different user experience.

User interface

The ease of using a tool is one of the most prominent aspects that determines the experience of a user. Until the user interface of the tool allows a non-tech savvy person to easily operate the functions, the tool cannot claim a good user experience.

Serpstat: If you look at the dashboard of this tool you will get to know how easy everything appears. Starting from the analytics to the tracking and the backlink audit you can almost control everything. Analyzing the traffic and becomes quite easy and the tool is a perfect SEO assistant for business entrepreneurs who struggle to get into the technicalities of it.

SEMrush– if you have a glimpse of the dashboard of this role you will not find anything complicated here. You can always reach out to you with all the details stats of your website and take the control of your website. Analyzing traffic and make it your most becomes quite easy with the tool. But one feature that is an advantage over the Serpstat tool is that it extends the option of social media tracking and tools for posting blogs or other content on social media. Hence, keeping a track of the engagement and the traffic becomes easier with this tool.

Keyword analysis-

The navigation of the website and the naming of the URL and the content of every page is important. When you pay attention to the keyword analysis it brings you more traffic to your website. You can determine the popular terms which are used by the people why searching for reserves and accordingly you can use your keyword and make your content visible. A keyword analysis is such an important aspect of SEO, latest check out how both the tools stand out in this respect.

Serpstat–  Serpstat shows a lot of features under keyword analysis. Serpstat provides top-notch solutions for keyword research and keyword analysis. Gathering details about the keywoard becomes easier. You can focus on the keyword and know a lot of details about it like the search volume of the keywoard and the difficulty score as well.

SEMrush– Let us now check out the Keyword analysis tool of SEMrush. SEMrush provides an amazing tool exclusively for keyword research which is known as keyword magic. This tool can help you find your keywoard which is relevant to the niche of your content. You must use better words to keep your audience glued to your content. You can also know many other details about the keyword matrix-like search volume, keyword variation, CPC, etc. Both the tools comparatively give a similar experience to the user how far the keyword analysis is concerned.

Backlink analysis:

Backlink analysis gives you complete information about how well your website is doing, to rank well in the search engine. It is also about knowing the bad links. Conducting a backlink analysis of the site of the competitors.

Serpstat– We can see some general features like the analysis of total number of backlinks generated along with the non-follow links and the do-follow links. You will get to know about the referring domains and IPS along with the anchor text as well. How far the backlink analysis service is concerned this tool does not stand out. It is an average service.

SEMrush- There’s a lot of things that the backlink tool offers us. Referring domains index page the backlinks of the competitor total number of backlinks along with the anchor text and the monthly budget are some of the important information that we can get from this tool. Hence, this tool offers you complete backlink analysis support.

Domain Analysis-

Serpstat– This tool can help you identify all the common and the unique keywords in yours and competitors website. You can make a side-by-side comparison of your and your competitor’s website and you can analyze the results of both paid and organic searches.

SEMrush– We can show you a range of metrics that are meant for domain overview so that you can have a glimpse of the visibility of a site quickly. The online stature and individuality of your website can be better measured with the help of this tool. Apart from all the other normal features like tracking the period and the organic traffic as well as the number of backlinks generated, this tool also helps in analyzing the mobile and the global databases. The research reports are genuine and easy to understand.

Pros and cons-

Like every other thing that has pros and cons, Serpstat and SEMrush also have some. Let us check them out:



  • The subscription of it comes cheaper than that of
  • There is a free trial available with the help of which you can provide 30 queries about your website and you can get access to the detail site audit feature.
  • It offers you chat support online.
  • You can find detailed statistics about your website


  • The backlink support is not that satisfactory as compared to SEMrush.
  • No social media options are available here unlike SEMrush.



  • A lot of extra features are offered in this role as compared to Serpstat.
  • The comparative research results are amazing through this tool.
  • You can get the best backlink analysis from this tool.
  • The PPC analysis feature of this tool can help you discover many opportunities where you can promote your business services.


  • So many features in the tool can lead to keeping you stuck and you will slowly learn to use them.
  • It appears much costly or service than that of Serpstat.
  • The traffic volume analysis is not that great.

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